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Our Logo: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

We designed our logo to express how we feel about immigration law, how we do business and what our role is in your immigration process.

Follow the Dots

Look at the dots: they grow larger as they move toward Law Group.  Through partnership with Blackwell Law Group, your family here in the U.S. will grow larger as you sponsor eligible family members for a green card. 

As you look at the dots, you will feel your eyes move along the dots from the smallest dot to the largest dot.  Your eyes cannot stay still!  At Blackwell Law Group, we also do not stay still.  We constantly look for ways within the law to help you achieve your immigration goal.  We also continuously strive to find better ways to deliver services to you and to respond to client interests and needs. 

Notice how the dots curve around Blackwell Law Group.  The dots form a protective shield.  Our job at Blackwell Law Group is to protect you.  We thoroughly research the law and advocate vigorously on your behalf.  We are your shield, protecting you from harm.


Red is the color of courage, something immigrants have in abundance. They leave family and familiar surroundings to move to another country.  Some do not speak English when they arrive in the U.S. yet rise to the challenge of learning a new language. Some have survived persecution and poverty in their own countries.  They often do jobs that others don't want to do, whether that is milking a cow at 2am in the morning or mastering complex computer programming code. The U.S. is a richer nation because of the courage of immigrants. 

Red symbolizes happiness, joy and prosperity in some cultures.  Once our clients complete their immigration process, they have peace of mind, knowing they are lawfully in the US with their families. Many go on to get better-paid jobs that let them pursue other dreams like buying a house.  For some, there are even simpler joys: being able to return to their home country to visit relatives without wondering whether they can come back; being able to get a driver license, open a bank account, take out a student loan and purchase health insurance. We know our legal skills help transform the lives of our clients.

Red represents leadership.  You look to us for leadership to help you navigate the complexities of immigration law.  We take our leadership responsibilities seriously and work hard to stay current with immigration law and with good practice in law in general. 

Red also is the color of passion, protection and energy.  We are passionate about immigration law because we have personal experience as immigrants and we understand the importance of families. We focus our energy and expertise on finding ways to keep families together when the law seeks to tear them apart or keep them apart. We use the power of the law to the benefit of our   clients.  Yet we also use that power carefully and wisely.  We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and believe those leadership qualities are critical to the success of our practice.


We chose gray to symbolize our balanced, practical approach to the law and to business.  Gray is a cool color that offsets the warmth of red.  It is not enough to be passionate about immigration law; we have to be calm, well-organized, rational and careful.  Without that balance, we might miss important details that could make a difference to your case.  We use technology, good business practices   and quality assurance procedures to help ensure our passion for immigration law maximizes your chances of a successful outcome.

Gray recognizes the law is not always black-and-white. The duty of any immigration attorney is to know the gray areas of immigration law as well as the black-and-white areas and use that knowledge to the best advantage of a client. 

We hope that the care and attention we have put into the design of our logo illustrates the care and attention we will give to serving you.  At Blackwell Law Group, we do everything purposefully, carefully and thoughtfully.  Nothing is left to chance.  Nothing happens accidentally.

Blackwell Immigration Law Group  700 W. Virginia Street, Suite 307, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53204  414-964-1900

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