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The USCIS website provides abundant information about immigration services.  Once you have a receipt for your application, you can find out what USCIS is doing with your application and the average processing times through the online case status query. You also can locate a civil surgeon through the website and all the possible questions (and answers!) to the civics test for naturalization. For those who are entering the country on an immigrant visa, the green card fee is paid through the USCIS website.

The U.S. Department of State is another source of useful information. If you are heading abroad for your immigration interview in the near future, the U.S. Department of State provides information about medical exams and how to obtain a police report and other legal documents from your home country.

The Department of State also issues a monthly report called "The Visa Bulletin" on priority dates for different classes of immigrant visas.  The priority dates will give you some idea how long you might wait for a visa.  Cautionary note: do not panic if the waiting lists retrogress (move backwards) from one month to the next as very likely the lists will jump forward in the near future. You can also look at historical Visa Bulletins to get a better sense for how long your wait might be. Pick two reports that are two years apart and see how far forward your list has moved during that time period.

If someone you know has been picked up by Immigration & Customs Enforcement, you can find out which detention center they are at by using the online inmate locater. You can also phone the national immigration court hotline on 1-800-998-7180 to find out their court date.

Immigration law has its own language. We've created the immigration dictionary to help you better understand immigration law.

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